(Value added implies that it is not (purely) based on statutory obligations that companies have to, by law, comply with)


Financial management:

  • Assisting management with financial decision making, whenever required
  • Bringing financial matters concerning the company to the attention of management
  • Monitoring that bookkeeping/accounting staff are performing their functions properly and on time
  • Designing of sound and practical financial and internal control systems and ensuring that they function properly

Tax management:

  • Tax planning and monitoring of tax exposure and risk
  • Ensuring compliance with The South African Revenue Service (SARS), Occupational Injuries and Diseases Fund (OID) & Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) and that the company’s status of Good Standing is maintained
  • Ensuring that income tax, provisional tax, PAYE, VAT, UIF and OID returns are correct and submitted on time
  • Calculation of tax liabilities as soon as they occur and bringing to the attention of management for budgeting therefor

Accounting and Financial Statements (Management Accounts and Statutory  Financial Statements):

  • Finalisation of accounting and compilation of Financial Statements
  • Performing Analysis and Interpretation techniques, alerting management to existing and potential problem areas and suggesting corrective action

Audit/independent review:

  • Compiling working paper files required by auditors for audit or independent review
  • Dealing with auditors’ queries and communicating with them to successful conclusion of audit/independent review

Company secretarial:

  • Ensuring compliance with company secretarial
  • Submitting requisite company secretarial documentation to Companies Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC)


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Work done is timed and billed for at R600 per hour or part thereof for services rendered by whatever medium of the provision of the service.

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